Data Customer Support - SLA & Guidelines

For all Bulk data & API customers

Data delivery & initial setup

We provide 1-2 hours of initial setup support via email, phone or screen share.

All bulk data is provided via SFTP as zip files organized by county and format (GeoPKG, CSV, GeoJSON, etc). We typically add or refresh 20-300 counties every month, and those new files are made available through your SFTP account. Our parcel data FAQ has more details on data delivery.

Ongoing support

Email support

We are always available to answer any questions or concerns that you have about our data.

Depending on the issue, we are also available to provide helpful information & documentation to ingest & use the data.

Data bugs

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you find something missing or not working with our data.

We work to fix bugs as quickly as possible. Even if some bugs take longer to fix, we will make sure to update you on our progress routinely.


We provide all the necessary documentation and information at the time of data delivery. These documents provide an overview of our parcel data:

We can also offer code examples and implementation strategies. Because each application is different, we are not able to offer hands-on development or professional services support unless it is addressed in our agreement.