Print your map

This feature is only available with a Landgrid Pro, Team, or Enterprise account. Click here to upgrade your account.

On the toolbar in the upper left of the map, you’ll see an icon of a printer. Click this button, and two options appear: Print.jpg

Print PDF Map: clicking this will prompt a popup where you can generate a PDF image of your Project - not only the map, but the legend, and (if selected) summary details of the project.

Save Image: a .PNG image will download of just the map extent as shown on your screen.

Print a Specific Parcel’s Info: You can print a specific properties’ information by clicking the parcel, then ‘Actions’ at the top right, then ‘Print Parcel’. The resulting PDF will look something like the following: Print_Parcel_Details.jpg NOTE: this feature is only available to Team accounts and above.

PS If you are looking for a way to share your Project with others digitally, you can check out this article to learn how.