Trial account - Premade Survey

Trial users can copy our basic, built-in survey questions and go into their cities and neighborhoods equipped with the LOVELAND App to take pictures and answer questions about property. The data and photography collected is attached to the parcels surveyed and saved privately in your account, where you can use it to build maps and make decisions supported by the information you collected on the ground. If you would like to create a custom survey, upgrade to a paid account.

Here’s how to get started with your property survey:

Step 1:
Navigate to the survey page in your trial account and add our basic, built-in survey questions to your map from the “Survey” tab on the left sidebar.

Step 2:
If you haven’t already, now’s the time to download the LOVELAND App. The LOVELAND App is available for iOS and Android devices:

Step 3:
When you’re ready to start surveying property, open up the LOVELAND App on your smartphone and login using your credentials.

Step 4:
Tap the Survey menu icon to pull up a list of surveys available to your account (because this is a trial account, you will only be able to see one - the premade questions that you added earlier). By default, all accounts can contribute to the public “Great American Parcel Survey.”

Step 5:
To survey a property, tap the outline of the parcel you want to survey. The parcel you’ve selected will be outlined in red, and its address and an image of the property will appear at the bottom of the device’s screen. When you’re ready to survey, tap the camera icon.

Step 6:
Answer your survey questions by tapping the appropriate option for the property you’re surveying.

Step 7:
When you’ve reached the end of your survey questions, you’ll see two buttons: “Submit” or “Add Another Photo”. If you’d like to add additional photos, tap Add Another Photo to keep taking pictures. When you’re ready to send your survey and its data and photography to, tap “Submit”.

Step 8:
Back in your account on the website, you can navigate in the map to the region you were surveying and click any highlighted parcel (denoting properties you’ve surveyed) to see the imagery and data. Or, you can click the “Feed” icon to see a stream of all the information you’ve collected.