Reporting iOS App Errors

In order to track down the bug you experienced in our error logs, we need to know a few key bits of info:

1) The exact Date + Time the error last occurred.

Example: 7/22 4:52pm

2) iPhone Version Number

Example: 12.1

3) Model Number

Example: A1901

4) Landgrid App Version Number

Example: 1.14

Note that:

  • The Model Number will never change, so you’ll only need to get it once if you can associate it with a single Surveyor or device.
  • The iPhone Version will change occasionally.
  • The Date+Time and Landgrid Version Number is needed for every bug.
  • Below is the process for getting the iPhone Version Number, the Model Number, wnd the Landgrid App Version Number.

Get iPhone/iOS Version + Model Number

1) Click on the Settings Icon

2) Click General.

3) Click About

4) Write down the Version Number

5) Write down the Model Number

Get Landgrid App Version

1) Open the Landgrid App and Log in.

2) Navigate to Profile

3) Write down the Landgrid Version Number at the bottom of the screen. Example: 1.15.0

Submit Your Bug

Here’s a template you can use to submit your bug.

What Happened:
Date and Time:
iPhone Version Number:
iPhone Model Number:
Landgrid App Version Number: