The Loveland Parcel Schema

We clean and convert all parcel data we recieve into this standard schema. Some counties may include additional fields. Wherever possible, we include those in our exports, but we do not have a key available for those fields. Each tier includes all of the fields in any tiers below it.

Field Description Tier Datatype
ogc_fid object ID basic serial primary key
geoid FIPS code basic text
sourceagent Source Agent basic text
parcelnumb Parcel ID

Examples: 02004940, 001-020-4624-001

basic text
usecode Parcel Use Code standard text
usedesc Parcel Use Description standard text
zoning Zoning Code standard text
zoning_description Zoning Description standard text
struct Structure On Parcel standard boolean
multistruct Multiple Structures on Parcel standard boolean
structno Number of Structures on Parcel standard integer
yearbuilt Structure Year Built standard integer
numstories Number of Stories standard double precision
numunits Number of Units standard integer
structstyle Structure Style standard text
parvaltype Parcel Value Type

Examples: Appraised, Assessed, Taxable, Market, Market Value

standard text
improvval Improvement Value standard double precision
landval Land Value standard double precision
parval Total Parcel Value standard double precision
agval Agricultural Value standard double precision
saleprice Last Sale Price standard double precision
saledate Last Sale Date standard date
taxamt Annual Tax Bill standard double precision
owntype Owner Type standard text
owner Owner Name basic text
ownfrst Owner First Name basic text
ownlast Owner Last Name basic text
owner2 Second Owner Name basic text
owner3 Third Owner Name basic text
owner4 Fourth Owner Name basic text
subsurfown Subsurface Owner standard text
subowntype Subsurface Owner Type standard text
mailadd Owner Mailing Address standard text
mail_address2 Owner Mailing Address Second Line standard text
careof Owner Mailing Address Care Of standard text
mail_addno Owner Mailing Address Street Number standard text
mail_addpref Owner Mailing Address Street Prefix standard text
mail_addstr Owner Mailing Address Street Name standard text
mail_addsttyp Owner Mailing Address Street Type standard text
mail_addstsuf Owner Mailing Address Street Suffix standard text
mail_unit Owner Mailing Address Unit Number standard text
mail_city Owner Mailing Address City standard text
mail_state2 Owner Mailing Address State standard text
mail_zip Owner Mailing Address ZIP Code standard text
mail_urbanization Mailing Address Urbanizacion (Puerto Rico) standard text
address Site Address basic text
address2 Site Address Second Line basic text
saddno Site Address Number basic text
saddpref Site Address Prefix basic text
saddstr Site Address Street Name basic text
saddsttyp Site Address Street Type basic text
saddstsuf Site Address Street Suffix basic text
sunit Site Address Unit basic text
scity Site Address City basic text
original_address Original Address basic text
city Census City basic text
county Site Address County basic text
state2 Site Address State basic text
szip Site Address Zip Code basic text
urbanization Site Urbanizacion basic text
location_name Location Name basic text
address_source Primary Address Source basic text
legaldesc Legal Description standard text
plat Plat standard text
book Book standard text
page Page standard text
block Block standard text
lot Lot standard text
neighborhood Neighborhood standard text
subdivision Subdivision standard text
qoz Federal Qualified Opportunity Zone standard text
qoz_tract Qualified Opportunity Zone 2018 Census Tract Number standard text
census_tract Census 2010 Tract standard text
census_block Census 2010 Block standard text
census_blockgroup Census 2010 Blockgroup standard text
sourceref Source Document Reference basic text
sourcedate Source Document Date basic date
sourceurl Source URL basic text
recrdareatx Recorded Area (text) standard text
recrdareano Recorded Area (number) standard double precision
gisacre County-Provided Acres standard double precision
sqft County-Provided Parcel Square Feet standard double precision
ll_gisacre Loveland Calculated Parcel Acres standard double precision
ll_gissqft Loveland Calculated Parcel Square Feet standard bigint
ll_bldg_footprint_sqft Loveland Calculated Building Footprint Square Feet premium integer
ll_bldg_count Loveland Calculated Building Count premium integer
reviseddate Date of Last Revision basic date
path Parcel Path basic text
ll_stable_id Stable ID

Examples: preserved (if unchanged)

basic text
ll_uuid Version 4 UUID basic UUID
ll_updated_at Updated At basic timestamp with time zone
dpv_status USPS Delivery Point Validation premium text
dpv_codes Delivery Point Validation Codes premium text
dpv_notes Delivery Point Validation Notes premium text
dpv_type Delivery Point Match Type premium text
cass_errorno CASS Certification Error Codes premium text
rdi Residential Delivery Indicator premium text
usps_vacancy USPS Vacancy Indicator premium text
usps_vacancy_date USPS Vacancy Indicator Date premium date
lbcs_activity LBCS Activity Code standard numeric
lbcs_activity_desc LBCS Activity Code text description standard text
lbcs_function LBCS Function Code standard numeric
lbcs_function_desc LBCS Function Code text description standard text
lbcs_structure LBCS Structure Code standard numeric
lbcs_structure_desc LBCS Structure Code text description standard text
lbcs_site LBCS Site Code standard numeric
lbcs_site_desc LBCS Site Code text description standard text
lbcs_ownership LBCS Ownership Code standard numeric
lbcs_ownership_desc LBCS Ownership Code text description standard text